NL Development Public Company Limited (“the Company” or “NL”) was established on December 3, 1981 with registered capital of 500,000 baht to operate general construction business. Initially, the company Providing construction services for small projects of government agencies. as well as the development of construction techniques As a result, the company Able to grow and expand the scope of services covering survey, design and construction of buildings. This includes structure (Structure), architecture. (Architecture) and building systems (Mechanical & Electrical: M&E). In addition, in 2022, the Company has established Parsecon Co., Ltd. (“Subsidiary” or “PSC”) to provide construction labor recruitment services to support the operation. Company's work and reduce the risk of relying on labor from third parties In addition, the company also foresee construction cost management There is a steel bar cutting and bending factory and some types of furniture factory for construction work in the projects that the company Service as well The rebar cutting and bending factory and the furniture factory are located in the Company's area. Located at the area Phutthamonthon Sai 7 Road, Sampran District, Nakhon Pathom Province.

The company provides services as a direct contractor (Main Contractor) for government agencies. State enterprises and other types of government agencies and private agencies nationwide which can provide construction services for all types of buildings, with expertise in the construction of buildings with special structures and specific standards, such as hospital buildings that must comply with the standards set by the Ministry of Public Health, etc. The Company has been hired from government agencies and many private entrepreneurs in Thailand Currently the company Has been registered as a construction operator and other agency member. related to business

With experience and expertise of the company which has been accumulated for more than 40 years, the company has a portfolio of various types of construction services Some types of buildings or certain building styles require special construction techniques and expertise. The construction work of the Company can be divided into 5 types as follows: (1) Medical facility (2) Office and commercial building (3) Residential building (4) Special building and (5) Other construction works

The company has always given importance to the quality control of operations and delivery standards. The company was certified ISO 9001:2008 management system in 2012 and was certified ISO 9001:2015 in 2021, which is an international quality management system standard (Quality Management System) by Bureau Veritas Certification (Thailand) Company Limited (Bureau Veritas Certification). The satisfaction of the employer in providing services consistently. which can be seen from the success of various projects together with the quality of providing construction management that meets the standards According to the needs of the employer and punctuality, the company has been accepted by government agencies. State enterprises and other types of government agencies Including private agencies always

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